After the Bomb RPG Bonus edition Hardcover

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Create an entire new breed of crime-fighting, intelligent, humanoid mutant animal heroes in the tradition of the Ninja Turtles, Rocket Raccoon, or any comic book style superheroes. Or add humanoid mutant animals to your Heroes Unlimited or Ninjas & Superspies games, or use them in any game setting from Nightbane to Rifts/Phase World where such mutants fit right in. Playing anthropomorphic animal characters is a blast. And the After the Bomb RPG gives you everything you need: creation rules, stats for 100+ mutant animals, animal psionics, animal powers, and a post-apocalyptic Earth setting that makes Planet of the Apes seem tame. Create intelligent, humanoid, mutant animal heroes of every variety, from pigeons and turtles to tigers and elephants!
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