Battlestar Galactica: Starship Battles - Apollos Viper MK.VII

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The Viper Mk.VII is a great improvement over the Viper Mk.II, with superior battle capabilities and better fight information for the pilot. After the Cylons infiltrated a fatal backdoor in the Command Navigation Program, most Mk.VIIs have been retrofitted, losing part of their performing features.

The Viper Mk.VII Pegasus is a powerful rival for Cylon fighters. Equipped with an almost totally computerized cockpit and sophisticated targeting software and armed with up to three forward–facing cannons, it includes pilot cards for Brent "BB" Baxton. The Pegasus Veteran brings one of the ships isolated from the rest of the fleet, which pilots fighting an exhausting battle against the Cylons started to paint kill marks on their Vipers to keep up the crew morale. This version includes pilot cards for Noel "Narcho" Allison. The third version presents Apollo's Viper Mk.VII - after most of the Mk.VIIs aboard the Galactica were destroyed when the Cylons hacked their navigation software, the surviving ones were retrofitted with older software, but remained very effective when flown by skilled pilots such as Leland Joseph Adama "Apollo".

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