Catan 3D: Seafarers and Cities & Knights

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Continue your three-dimensional adventures on Catan with two highly- anticipated and requested expansions.

CATAN – Seafarers: Send your ships to explore uncharted islands to build new settlements and discover valuable gold.

CATAN – Cities & Knights: Develop your cities and join forces with your neighboring factions to defend Catan against the ruthless barbarians!

29 painted terrain hexes
12 painted sea frames
60 antiqued ship pieces
1 antiqued sea pirate
10 plastic number tokens
50 CATAN chits
9 harbor randomizers
4 building cost cards
1 barbarian sea frame
1 antiqued barbarian ship
24 antiqued knights
24 antiqued helmets
12 antiqued city walls
1 antiqued merchant
4 city progress flip charts
2 special bonus cards
18 plastic number tokens
1 event die
54 progress cards
36 commodity cards
6 defender of Catan cards
2 card trays
1 rules booklet
1 appendix booklet

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