Conan RPG: Age of Conan

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Based on Funcom’s acclaimed multiplayer online game, Age of Conan! THE WORLD WAS ENTERING AN AGE OF IRON, AN AGE OF WAR AND IMPERIALISTIC AMBITION; SOME STRONG MAN MIGHT WELL RISE ABOVE THE RUINS OF NATIONS AS A SUPREME CONQUEROR. Funcom’s Age of Conan MMO was released in 2008 and has brought millions of players into the amazing world of Robert E Howard. The Age of Conan Sourceboook brings the exciting and unique treatment of the Hyborian Age of Conan to the tabletop. Offering alternative means of play, new character options, alternate versions of areas, and new regions and areas beyond any Howard dreamed of. Set in this variant Hyborian world, The Age of Conan Sourcebook adds new thrills and twists to existing Conan campaigns and new opportunities for advancement.

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