Merc Prime Artificer Nemo Mechaniks RESIN

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Contains:Artificer Prime NemoArcane Mechaniks (3)Saved from certain death for an uncertain future, Nemos newfound purpose in life is to save humanity from the threat of the infernals. With his soul encapsulated in a machine designed by the Convergence, he is driven to escape with as many as he can, regardless of where they may find themselves when the end comes.TRADE POINTS: As a battle engine, Nemo brings an astonishing amount of destruction and survival skills to the table. His abilities to return forces to a unit, level automatic hits against nearby enemies, and bring in a solo once per game combine with his devastating Thunderbolt and exceptional damage box count to give enemies pause before engaging him. Alongside his mechaniks-who not only repair construct models but give Nemo focus and dice control-Nemo is a force to be reckoned with.

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