Once Upon a Time: Fairytale Mash-ups

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Everyone knows Cinderella, Humpty Dumpty, and the Three Bears. And everyone knows to avoid magic bean peddlers and ovens big enough for children. But what happens when all these classics — and more! — come together in the same story?

Imagine together what would happen when Puss in Boot and the Three Bears meet up for a birthday party and someone gets turned to gold. As with every other Once Upon a Time expansion, Fairytale Mash-ups brings a whole new dimension to your storytelling fun.

  • An expansion for Once Upon a Time that brings the essential elements of the greatest fairytales into the same story.
  • Everything you remember from childhood tales blends into mixed-up stories where the Gingerbread Man shoves the dish aside and runs away with the spoon himself.
  • Contains 55 new cards to expand Once Upon a Time.
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