Sentinel Comics RPG: Guise Book

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The fun-loving and fun-having hero Guise is here, and he’s brought friends!
According to this bizarre bunch, Sentinel Comics: The Roleplaying Game needs more humor, and this book is just the place to make it happen!

This supplemental book contains:
★ Advice for bringing humor into your SCRPG scenes!
★ Two complete(ly ridiculous) adventures!
★ More heroes, villains, minions, and lieutenants than you can shake a stick at (depending on your stick-shaking abilities)!
★ A tour of Guise’s apartment!
★ A semi-functional appendix!
★ And more!

Guise may be a silly hero, but he’s serious about saving the day! Join him and his fellow wacky heroes as they form the Neighborhood Watch and defeat the ne’er-do-wells that threaten your home, your city, and your produce!

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