Sleeping Gods

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This game recommends the following board game sleeves. (See links in related products below)

  • 1 pack 45 mm x 68 mm (Mini European)
  • 1 pack 70 x 120 mm (Tarot)
  • 7 packs 59 x 92 mm (Standard American)

Search for a way home through strange seas

  • Explore an atlas in this open-world adventure

  • Fight enemies, level up, and build your inventory

  • Find totems to wake the gods

  • 1-4 players, 1-20 hours (game can be saved at any time)

  • Ages 13+

In 1929, the steamship The Manticore was on its way to New York City when it as hit by a terrible storm. When the storm passed, the crew found themselves lost in strange seas with unfamiliar stars overhead. Take control of the crew, alone or with friends, and explore an open world with an atlas, over 400 unique cards, and a storybook with 1000s of possible choices in your quest to find enough totems to wake the gods so that they’ll send you home.

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