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Stack and win

Staka is a game where you must demonstrate dexterity at all times, as well as creativity and speed depending on the game mode. Five modes of play extend playability. Duel mode combines speed, dexterity and the satisfaction of completing figures faster than your opponent. Flash mode stresses out everyone for guaranteed good laughs. Crash mode is best for a big group, while zen and art modes are amazing for solo play. Five modes of play: Duel, Flash, Zen, Crash and Art.



13 "Staka" wooden pieces, 39 cards, 1 die, 1 stacking tower, 1 metal pin, 1 rules booklet together with 20 figures for "Zen" mode


You will like

  • Super original wooden playing pieces and stacking tower
  • Creative solo play mode
  • Five modes of play for maximum value
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