Events at Epic Loot




Epic Loot offers events seven days a week!

Events are offered in several varieties: Casual Play, Recurring Tournaments and Special Events

CASUAL PLAY EVENTS: These fun events offer dedicated space for a specific activity with no set structure for play. They are the perfect opportunity for meetups with friends or making connections with new folks who share your interests.

They require a ticket purchase either online or at the counter. The money you pay for these events will be deposited in your store account and you may use it for whatever in-store product purchases you wish.

RECURRING TOURNAMENTS: These casual events offer structured play for specific games. They often depend on how many players attend to determine the number of rounds.

Prizes for these events generally pay out $20 in store credit for a 4-0 record, and $15 in store credit 3-1 record. When attendance is lower than the minimum needed to run four rounds, the prize structure is reduced accordingly.

We try to start these events at the time advertised. If a player is running late, they made need to start the tournament with a match loss.

SPECIAL EVENTS: We run special events for many games, holidays, and sales. These events are usually advertised through Facebook and our website. We also make announcements on our store Discord channel: Epic Loot Players.

Special events may or may not have an event fee. If there is an event fee, they will often require the purchase of a ticket so that participants can reserve a slot. If the event is free, this may not be required.