Fri 5/31 5:00 PM VS System Regional Side Event


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This is a Side Event for the Ohio Regional weekend! This is a constructed deck event - players must bring pre-constructed 60-card decks, following the event format rules.

Please Note: Details are subject to change, pending confirmation from Upper Deck


  • EVENT FEE: $5
  • WHEN: Friday, May 31
    • Registration begins at 4 PM
    • Tournament starts at 5 PM
  • FORMAT: Buckeye Draft - see below for details
  • PRIZES: 
    • Giant Card provided by Upper Deck
    • Additional top 4 prizes provided by Epic Loot Games


  • 1) Summary:
  • Players will draft Main Characters, and then build their decks, at the beginning of the event.
  • 2) Preparation:
  • a) Deck construction will follow all standard rules, and the current Modern banned list will be observed:
  • b) The tournament organizers will provide Main Characters.
  • c) We recommend each player bring several potential decks, at least 3 or 4, tailored to different MC's, since they will not know which MC they are playing until after the draft is complete. Of course, players are free to bring their entire collection of Vs 2PCG cards, if they wish – but, please be aware, deck construction time will be limited, so players should bring essentially pre-built decks, and some extra cards they may wish to swap in, for flexibility based on which MC they end up with.
  • 3) The Draft:
  • a) The Draft Pool of MC's will include the opposite of the available MC's in the Super Super Powers format - ie. MC's with at least one level WITHOUT a super-power. MC's that have super-powers on every level will not be included in the Draft Pool (nor ones that are banned in Modern).
  • b) If the number of event participants ends up exceeding 1/3 of the size of the MC pool, then each MC in the draft pool will be available to draft twice.
  • c) Draft order will be randomly determined.
  • d) In the first draft round, players will "veto" MC's from the draft pool - those MC's will be removed from the draft pool, and no longer available to draft.
  • e) Draft order will be re-determined for the second draft round, in which players will draft the MC that they will play throughout the tournament.
  • 4) Deck Construction:
  • a) Once the MC draft is complete, players will have 30 minutes to build their decks.
  • b) Tournament organizers will provide the Main Characters.
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