Sun 6/2 11:30 AM VS System Regional Side Event


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This is a Side Event for the Ohio Regional weekend! This is a constructed deck event - players must bring pre-constructed 60-card decks, following the event format rules.

Please Note: Details are subject to change, pending confirmation from Upper Deck


  • EVENT FEE: $5
  • WHEN: Sunday, June 1
    • Registration begins at 11 AM
    • Tournament starts at 11:30 AM
  • FORMAT: Free For All - see below for details
  • PRIZES: 
    • Giant Card provided by Upper Deck
    • Additional top 4 prizes provided by Epic Loot Games


  • 1) We have modified the FFA rules found in the Compiled Rulesbook, as follows:
    ● You win when all other Main Characters are KO’d or removed from the game in such a way as would normally cause them to lose (eg. with MCU Valkyrie's "The Famed Sword of the Valkyrie" Super-power).
    ● The player who goes first draws no cards on their first turn. The player who goes second only draws one card on their first turn.
    ● Each player has a front, back, and resource row.
    ● During combat, each player (including players who don’t have an attacker or defender) can play Plot Twists to influence the combat.
  • ● You can make all of your attacks against any enemy player, or spread them out against multiple enemy players if you want.
    ● When a player loses, all of that player’s cards are immediately removed from the game. (This doesn’t count as those cards getting KO’d.)
  • 2) Seating and Player Order:
  • a) Player order will be determined by seating.
  • b) Seating for round one will be randomized; rounds two and three will be predetermined to distribute player order and alliances.
  • c) Seating in the Finals will be chosen by players. Starting with the highest ranked, and proceeding in rank order, players will either choose their seat, or pass. The 4th ranked player cannot pass, and must choose a seat, after which any remaining players will choose their seats, in original rank order. Players may not pass a second time.
  • 3) Enemy Players and Alliances in the 4-player game:
  • a) The players seated across from each other diagonally will be in an alliance – they are not enemies for any card or rule purposes, and cannot attack each other.
  • b) If allied players are the last two players remaining, they become enemies again and can attack each other normally.

  • 4) Deck construction:
  • Deck construction will follow all standard rules, and the current Modern banned list will be observed:

  • 5) Time Limits:
  • a) Prior to the Top 4 cut, rounds will have an 80 minute time limit.
  • b) When time is called, play will continue until each player has had an equal number of turns. At that point, if there are more than one player remaining, the surviving players will earn elimination order points in reverse Main Character wound count (ie. The player with the least number of collective wounds across all of its MC's will be considered the winner, the player with the 2nd lowest will be considered the "last eliminated," etc). If there is a tie among remaining players for MC wound count, the tied players will equally divide the elimination order Rank Points in question (eg. at a 4 player table, if there are 2 players left, they would each get 5+4 divided by 2, or 4.5 Rank Points).
  • c) Top 4 Finals will have no time limit.

  • 6) Rank Points:
  • Players will earn Rank Points by the order in which they were eliminated, plus the number of opposing MC's they KO'd. Elimination order will score as follows: Last remaining player will receive 5 Rank Points, last eliminated will receive 4 Rank Points, and everyone else (3rd or 4th place) will receive 3 Rank Points.

  • 7) Tie-breakers:
  • In the case of a tie for entry into the Top 4 Finals, tie-breakers will be as follows:
  • a) Elimination order rank points, only (ie. Not including points for MC KO's), and then,
  • b) Strength of schedule (combined rank points of all opponents)
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